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Originally Posted by mburgess86 View Post
So I got a 1988 cannondale st700 touring bike at a pawn shop for $70 it did need new tires, seat and bar tape. Now that its fixed up I'm impressed its such a solid bike.

I was wondering what the original msrp was and what its worth now?
I wouldn't focus on what it is worth in terms of resale, but more on what it is worth in terms of "value."

The only comparable bikes today are Rivendells. An 80's series Cannondale ST touring bike is in every way a Rivendell, with one redeeming factor. You won't find a lot of agreement in the C&V forum, or amongst the BOBish cult, but a C'dale ST is better in almost every way than a comparable steel Riv. It is lighter, faster, and significantly stronger than a lugged/brazed Riv. It will climb like a goat compared to a boat anchor flexy Rivendell. Comparing a C'dale ST to a Riv is like comparing the exotic sport utility Porsche Cayenne to a Ford F-150. Both do a lot of things, an have a lot of utility, but they just can not be compared.

The Cannondale will accelerate faster, climb better, and just is plain more fun to ride than a boat anchor touring bike.

The whole "steel is real" crowd doesn't really compare similar frames/bikes. A Cannondale ST touring bike compares perfectly to a modern Rivendell. If you lucked into one in your size, treasure it.

Replacing it with a Rivendell would be very pricey, and you'd end up with less "bike."

The ST series bikes were not different in terms of frames, but just in terms of the build spec. While there is no comparing a factory fresh ST800 to anything else in the line a repaint of any ST gets you the same frame.

That being said lugs are beautiful.

Last thing, I'll take all the 27" bikes/frames I can get. (The STs came in 19, 21, 23, 25, and 27" sizes most years. PM me if you've got one of these big touring ST C'dales.

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