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Originally Posted by KillerBeagle View Post
What types of grades are the steepest? Are they something that a 30-25 gearing would be good for? We both have that same setup - though hers gives lower gear inches because she has 650c wheels.
I'm not quite sure I understand the question, but Ascent's error corrected elevation had the biggest climb at a maximum grade at 16% and overall length of that climb appears to be a little less than 3/4 of a mile. There's a lot of ups and downs throughout the hilly section, but if I remember correctly there are really only 5 particularly nasty climbs. So you're not going to be constantly assaulted with 20% grades. As to whether 30-25 is enough, only you can answer that (and likely when you're on the hills). There will be plenty of people with triples walking up the climbs just like compact and standard crank sets. For reference my first year of riding I used a compact crank, and this year I used standard gearing and was able to make it without too much issue. My training rides are very similar to yours, about 30 miles and 500-700 feet of climbing on average.

We already have an agreement that we do the hills at our own individual pace and wait for each other at the top. I can't always wait for her, because if I try to match her speed in the lowest gear that puts me around 60 cadence which is too much stress on my knee. I only say she struggles on the hills because her hill/flat speed ratio seems much lower than mine. When we ride together I always let her dictate the pace and I normally do all the pulling into headwinds to equalize things as much as possible.
This is a great way to do it, and what I usually do with my girlfriend. However, we typically regroup at the rest stops during the hilly section and ride the last half together when things flatten out. It's too difficult to change your climbing rhythm to match someone else's'.

I did notice that they are trying to get people to start in groups by speed, fastest first, so perhaps that will ease the congestion in the park.

Thanks all for the feedback!
This is what they usually do - when you line up in the circle at the high school they ask faster riders to be in the front and slower to the rear. However, it doesn't seem to work out too well with the first hills just 3 miles away from the start.

I've found a friend's Garmin elevation data from the ride This is the 60 mile route. The first 20 miles are in the state parks. Hope this helps:

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