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I've got $200 in my steel Bianchi MTB commuter build. I paid 100 for the bike as it was completely rideable and working then another $100 on making it more commuter/winter friendly. I'd say your best bang for your buck would maybe pick up a donor bike. I also picked up a Schwinn Paramount MTB recently for $50. Needed all new shifters, cables, chain, rear derailleur, grips, headset and fork. I've got less then $200 in that bike and picked up new Shimano shifters, v brakes, tubes, headset, grips, chain and rear derailleur. I'd say start asking around at your local bike shops and seeing if they have used parts or bikes they got in as trade ins.
If you piece it together then it'll nickle and dime you to death with all new parts. Every bike I build up gets the usual new chain, cables, grips, tires/tubes and lube and runs me between 50-75. If it needs more then I scour CL, LBS, here, thrift stores for donor bikes. It just depends on how much you want to drop in to your build and is it worth it in the end. The Shimano shifters/brake levers I picked up were nice since they includes all the cables, and housings needed for under $40 brand new. With your build budget you could build quite the commuter/tourer. I think I spent that much on my last three bike builds. I've seen a lot of nice complete bikes for that price or below. I think $200-300 would be a more ideal budget to drop into a project like this. I can't imagine dropping that much into a frame like this. No disrespect as my Paramount PDG30 was a nice rig back in the day but at the end of the day couldn't see dropping XTR components here and there when just the derailleur is worth more then the whole frame. lol.
Here's the before and after of my recent steel MTB projects
Bianchi Nyala

$100 later

Schwinn Paramount PDG30


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