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A friend now has 2000 miles on one he bought in June. We did a 300 mile tour in NM in November. He wound up with 3 broken spokes before that tour, all replaced by the local shop, but no breaks since then. They did a full wheel tune-up at the time the replaced the spokes, on both wheels.

He has switched to an 11-34, but kept the 30t small chainring, just to save the $50 cost of a 24t. He does fine in the mountains. He also wanted to raise the hbars higher than stock, so we replaced the quill stem with a quill riser, which allows the use of a more standard stem, which he bought in 60mm because he didn't want a long reach. All cheap changes, but only available on the internet, or your local shop can order.

The bike held up fine on our tour, but we did have a near disaster out in the desert. I was riding behind him and noticed his rear rack tilted over at a strange angle. Thought it had broken, but turns out it had lost one of the lower mounting screws. Fortunately, the bike shipped with screws installed in the front brazeons and he wasn't using a front rack, so we just replaced it and tightened them all. My advice (for any bike): use threadlock or lockwashers to secure all rack mounting hardware.

$600 is hard to argue with. But I will say, after getting it assembled/checked at the local shop, tuning the wheel and replacing spokes, and changing out the stem and riser, he has more like $800 in it (not counting things he would have changed anyway on any bike, like the saddle). In retrospect, I'd rather build a Surly LHT for that price (using some slightly used eBay parts) than buy the Windsor already built. If nothing else, you can get much better wheels that way.
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