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It's interesting how the story gives Han's side (the driver) of how the events unfolded and not Olson's (the cyclist). Also the story is reporting that Olson has no previous criminal history and that he could face time in jail if convicted. Uhhh, what about Han? Does he have a criminal history? Why didn't they report that? Could Han face jail time if he is found guilty of hitting the cyclist and proceeding to leave the scene of an accident?

Olson: "Yeah officer, I was riding my bike in the bike lane and had to swerve to avoid the debris. Some dude behind me started laying on his horn and then sideswiped me. I caught up to him at the light letting him know that he hit me. He proceeded to yell obscenities at me and threatened to run me over next time. I was angry and threw the bike at him"

Officer: "You will pay for restitution and go to jail. You scratched a practically brand new Volvo and the driver would be shamed if he had to drive a scratched vehicle around town. The Constitution clearly states no person should be subject to Cruel and Unusual punishment. You evil cyclist are a terrorist for attacking a foreign car and will be sent to Gitmo!"

It sounds like the newspaper made up its mind which story it is going to side with.
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