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Sounds like a plan, Retro! The only thing I'd caution you on (having been down a similar road) is to consider whether or not the Campy cranks are going to give you the ratios you want. With their 135mm BCD, Campys can't accept some of the smaller rings. Also, both availability and cost of Campy chainrings are unpleasant. I'm planning on removing my Campy cranks & going with another brand for this reason.

On your suspension fork, look for light weight and short travel instead of the "long travel over all other considerations" design of the true MTB forks. Ignore this statement if you actually plan on doing mostly off road stuff.

Keep in mind that if you're going with dropped road bars, your choices are two:
Use MTB disc calipers with Dia Compe road levers (the model that pulls enough cable for the cantilever style brakes) or:
Use Avid road disc calipers with any standard road lever or brifter.
If you're using flat bars, this all is academic.

Finally - POST PICTURES when you're done - I'd love to see your ride!

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