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Originally Posted by exile View Post
He proceeded to yell obscenities at me and threatened to run me over next time. I was angry and threw the bike at him
Ultimately, if you intentionally damage somebody's property in a way that you can't claim was an accident and you aren't gone when the cops arrive -- you're going to lose. It doesn't matter how badly the guy deserved it, and it really has nothing to do with bicycle hate or anything along those lines.

Have a near accident with two cars, both guys get out and start yelling at each other, guy #1 threatens guy #2, guy #2 kicks guy #1's car -- guess who's going to jail? Physical evidence beats "he said, she said" every time.

Ironically, you've got a better chance of getting off for punching the guy -- at least then you can claim that you did it in self defense, that he'd swung at you or was about to swing at you or something -- you can't (believably) claim that you smashed his car to stop him from hurting you or anything along those lines.
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