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Originally Posted by merlinextraligh View Post
If you were going to spec a high end wheel with riding cobbles in mind, I'd look at the Topolinos, which reportedly give a smooth ride.
Hmmmm. Probably not.

Once again, cobbles represent a good application for that 2nd set of conventionally-built utility wheels with 36* or 40* spoking and a rim that will handle a larger volume tire like 28. Of course, you'd want to make sure your frame, fork and brakes will accommodate a given brand/model 28mm tire on your rim of choice without creating any interference issues and with "some" free space between the tire and fork/frame stays, etc.

Would the Rolfs handle the cobbles? Probably, but it would clearly use up some of their service life and if by chance a spoke broke field repair is at best a challenge even if you have the spare spokes (2 different lenghts needed depending on which spoke breaks on which wheel) and spoke nipple driver in your repair kit. Same story on the Topolino wheels... do you REALLY want to beat up a set of $1,500 wheels that can't be repaired in the field?

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