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Originally Posted by texas2wheel View Post
Just for the record, I do like surlys and would like to own one some day, right now it just isn't an option dollar wise.
I hear ya. If I had my druthers, BD would spec the WT $200 better and sell it for $800, with upgraded crank/BB, wheels, and a threadless headset. Say they kept $50 more in profit and applied the extra $150 to the bike. At the wholesale cost level you could upgrade the wheels and crank and fork/stem/HS quite a bit for the extra $150. I already like the frame, derailleurs and brifters on the bike, and the brakes seem to be adequate.

It was gutsy of them to spec Tiagra 9 brifters, at a significant cost increase over Barcons. I bet they could have sold the bike for just under 500 if they had but Barcons on it. But I prefer brifters and won't use barends.
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