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Originally Posted by merlinextraligh View Post
I still think the shock absorbing nature of the topolinos would be better suited than the Rolfs.
They're better on stuff like chip seal, but it ain't that much better when you're banging over something like cobbles: even the pros have sucked it up and gone to wider rims with 28mm tires to get some added pnuematic suspension.

Originally Posted by merlinextraligh View Post
It becomes a question of how much you're willing to pay.
Yeah, maybe he could get Tom from Portland (the money's no object team) to gift them a set of Topolino's!!

Originally Posted by merlinextraligh View Post
Also I took the question to be in the context of the OP doing the cyclosportifs before the Tour of Flanders, and Paris Roubaix.
********** That's a pretty huge jump from simply asking if the wheels that came on a Calfee (i.e., the Rolfs) are suitable for cobbles in Belgium.

Originally Posted by merlinextraligh View Post
If you're trying to do those competitively, being able to repair a wheel is likely not your primary decision criteria.
If you're doing those competitively and the SAG doesn't happen to have a 145mm rear tandem wheel it's race over... which is true of any ride with a non-field repairable wheel. Now, that said, both the Rolf's and Topolinos have proven to be strong enough to allow teams to keep on riding with a broken spoke... on smooth roads. Add in the cobbles, Hmmmm. That's asking a lot of a weakened wheel.
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