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Originally Posted by Airburst View Post
Also, if I buy a whole used hub, would I have to lace it to a rim in order to get enough of a turning moment to hold the shell still while I unscrew the internals? If so, I forsee an issue with a 40-hole hub shell in my future....
I've overhauled maybe a dozen of the AW hubs
in my lifetime. 3 or 4 or those were bare hubs
(no spokes or rim). You do need a decent bench
vise to hold it while you unscrew the guts.

I admire your ambition, but it might do well
to remember that Mr. Brown had access to
an almost unlimited supply of free or cheap
scrapped parts/bikes. I'm pretty sure he
had a number of experiments that failed,
about which we have little documentation.

They didn't cost him much by way of cash
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