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Originally Posted by Barrettscv View Post
One adjustment I’m going to try is to let the axle move as far back as possible in the drop-out before clamping the quick-release shut. I'm backing out the adjustment screw to achieve this.

Based upon your description, why don't you just remove the adjustment screws+springs entirely? If your frame is straight and Trek built it right (+ the guy who cold set it to 130 made sure the faces were parallel), the wheel should be centered between the stays and you'd have the maximum amt of dropout to grab onto. In addition, you could try 1) an older skewer set with more area and bite to work with, and/or 2) those star washers you were thinking about earlier, but you can only add it to the outside of the dropouts since the inside is already spoken for.
Is the dropout surface chrome, painted, bare metal...?
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