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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
great looking bike and only $240 nice deal? are you planning to flip this? if not what difference does the 'current' value make? you certainly would have snatched this up at $200 but would you have bought it at $300, $350? currently in your area I would say the value is about $250.
I intending to keep it, but I never want to invest more into a bike than what it is worth. When it comes time to sell, I don't want to lose money. I enjoy riding a bike for a time, and then I sell it when something better or similar comes along. Eventually I will sell it, but hopefully not anytime soon. I don't want to be a collector, but I like the experience of riding many different bikes. This bike will eventually finance a different bike, but for now, I am very excited. Thanks for your evaluation.
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