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Originally Posted by RobE30 View Post
I have a similar plan in the works. I think I have an extra set of front and rear hubs floating around, let me know if you're in need of some. I'm intrigued by the Super Reverb amp case....
I've found road cases make excellent movable work tables.

I've got a thing for silverface, dripedge Fenders. At one time I had a '68 Showman Reverb, '68 Dual Showman Reverb, '68 Bassman, '68 Bandmaster Reverb, '68 2x12 Fender cab with JBLs, '69 Twin Reverb and this Super Reverb (which is actually a 1970 amp in a 1968 cabinet with original CTS speakers). I'd still like to have a '68 Vibro Champ.

I wish that SR still looked that good. It's been doused in beer and bourbon many times since that photo was taken.

Look closely at the top right hand of the second photo.

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