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Originally Posted by randya
Sorry I wasn't PC enough for you when I composed the title...

If govenrment agencies were serious about bike safety, (1) they would have come up with a better lighting standard than the CPSC reflector standard, which isn't legal for night riding in any of the 50 states, as far as I am aware, and (2) none of the bikes you describe would ever be for sale in a WalMart in the first place. That's a lot different than banning certain styles of bikes simply because they are different from the 'standard' bike design (whatever that is...).
Love the 'Drive with Hitler' poster,going to print that out for the notice board at work.
Here in NZ ,if you ride a bike after dark you have to have a red light at the back & a light at the front(not red), the law has just been revised to allow LED,s flashing or steady.Some of the bikes in question are being sold with a front brake ,if you take it off after purchase then its your decision but the shop has fullfilled it's obligation & sold a safe bike.
PS: not wearing a helmet is against the law here too :$40 fine
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