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Measuring Your Own Hubs

I've posted this link once before somewhere:


and I hope Mr. Musson doesn't mind, but he
was kind enough to put it up online.

If you're going to do very much of this kind
of thing, you probably need to know how to
do this. Personally, I use a vernier caliper,
a cheap plastic version of which can be gotten here:

But there are folks here on BF who feel
pretty strongly that only Fred Flintstone
still uses Vernier scale calipers, so feel
free to go dial or digital.

It's also pretty good advice not to trust
published measurements for ERD on rims.
In my personal experience, my own measure
of ERD dimensions almost always are different
than those published by the makers--one
recently by 6mm, which by the time you
run it through a spokecalc gives you a
difference of about 2mm on the spoke.

The measurements I take myself seem to
work well for me, but YMMV.

Mike Larmer
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