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Originally Posted by badger1 View Post
'Sportive', 'sportif', 'gran fondo' ... several names for the same thing. Not to be confused with audax/randoneuring.
Organized, theoretically non-competitive but timed one-day mass-start road rides over a set course/distance, usually roughly the length of a typical pro tour stage or one-day race. Will often have one or two shorter course options built-in for those who don't want to do the whole distance.
Very, very popular in Europe/UK, growing in popularity in NA. The idea is to have the experience of riding under pro-race kinds of conditions, but without the competitive pressure (or speeds). In practice, seems that there's usually a core group of riders who will immediately go off the front and race.
I'm sure your right, but even if your not, sure sounded darn good ! LOL, I still want at least two others to concur with you before I'm 100 percent convinced ! Richard
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