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Originally Posted by badger1 View Post
'Sportive', 'sportif', 'gran fondo' ... several names for the same thing. Not to be confused with audax/randoneuring.
Organized, theoretically non-competitive but timed one-day mass-start road rides over a set course/distance, usually roughly the length of a typical pro tour stage or one-day race. Will often have one or two shorter course options built-in for those who don't want to do the whole distance.
Very, very popular in Europe/UK, growing in popularity in NA. The idea is to have the experience of riding under pro-race kinds of conditions, but without the competitive pressure (or speeds). In practice, seems that there's usually a core group of riders who will immediately go off the front and race.
This is on spot what I┤m talking about. More essential, how many engage with their hybdrids in a "competetive" sense? Theres often discussions about "how fast" and "how long" and "what bike". A bit surprising this kind of amateur competetion (sportive) hasnt developed in the US. Over here, cycle clubs organize and the fees are helpful to the over all club economy. More important, hundreds of sportives all over Sweden during the summer months, endorse the sport and the lifestyle of biking.
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