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Originally Posted by cuda2k View Post
This thread worthless without pics.
I forgot to take before pics, but the bike had been left to rust outside. Tore it down, cleaned up the chrome bits, like bars and such as best I could with oxaylic acid and steel wool. Took the stripped down frame out and washed it by hand, the rubbed it out with automotive polishing compound, paint came out okay. Tore every component down as far as I could, cleaned, degreased, lubed and reassembled.

Have already repacked the headset and bottom bracket, just have to repack the wheels tonight, already have them torn down. Got new brake cable today, but no joy on shifters at Bike Mart or Performance. Will try to order shifters online tonight and then at least get an after shot before I give it back to what I hope is a very happy owner.

Funny story, he has been asking me if I would do this for around a year. I keep telling him to bring it by. He finally brought it over Superbowl Sunday and told me to take my time. Then a few weeks later, he is calling to see if it is done!!! Seems funny he let it sit for years and wants it back quicker than he said.

Anyhow, will try to get all but the shifters done tonight.
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