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Anyone use a hitch-type bike rack on passenger car?

I am considering a hitch-type bike rack for my car - which has a trunk not a hatchback. It's easy to find a no-drill aftermarket hitch to install.
I seem to prefer the hitch type racks for their lower impact on gas mileage and convenience. I have a few questions

1. It's easy to find locking hitch pins for 2-inch hitch racks, but for 1-1/4" hitches I can't seem to find a anti-wobble locking hitch pin. Please recommend one if you know of one that works well.

2. To those who mount their hitch racks and bikes to a car with a trunk (vs. an SUV or hatchback), do you notice much of a hit to highway gas mileage?
With a trunk, it would seem like the trough created between the roof of your car and bicycles would cause added turbulence and reduced aerodynamics.

3. How do you secure your bikes from theft with a hitch rack? Of course I will use a locking hitch pin, but I still need to secure the bikes to the rack.
Do you use a standard bike lock or do you run a cable? It's probably not a good idea to use a U-lock since the shifting weight and vibration from driving could
cause damage.

4. Do you cover your bikes when traveling long distances? Please recommend a cover.

5. Any downsides to using a hitch-type bike rack?
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