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I use a hitch rack on my passenger car. My car has an aftermarket 1.25" hitch receiver installed. Very slight hit on fuel economy since most of the bike sits within the car's slipstream, MUCH better fuel economy than a roof rack.

I use a Graber Hitch-Tite to fasten the bike rack to my receiver. http://www.jensonusa.com/store/produ...e.aspx?sc=FRGL No wobble when the bolt is tightened using a socket wrench.

Because my hitch receiver has shackling loops for chains (for use when towing a trailer), I just lock my bike to the hitch receiver using a cable lock. I don't have a cover for the bike, though occasionally I do worry driving through rainy weather.

Works well for me. Been on many adventures with my bike on the back of my car like that for the past 3 years. I wouldn't use any other kind of rack.
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