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If you are flying ,as I did to Florida, TSA wont know what pedals, shoes ( cleats to be more precise) are. Some people pack their kit in checked baggage, but as I have seen in a video from a professional racer, always keep a kit as carry on

I had my carry on ki,t in a camelbak, torn apart and I was patted down in airport security.
( The TSA officer ask me, before the pat down, if i had anything to declare, he was looking me in the eye, and i said yes. He said "what" and i said i was tickylish. He cracked a rye smile and finished the pat down. So you can have fun with TSA egh!)

They didn't know what the pedals were.
On the return flight i had pedals, shoes, helmet, gloves all tied to the outside of the camelbak so security could see them ( they didn't know what the pedals were they thought they were locks)

As far as renting a bike I recommend it. As far as hill country i think of Austin
So I googled Bicycle shops Austin TX and came up with this

If you end up in Houston. I have a 95ish Trek 1420 21 speed or a Mercier Corvus 30 speed. We have a few hills around Lake Livingston (Coldspring TX) and rollers near Lake Conroe)
I am a Clyde also and over (and over again) 50 The Trek has a 28/28 that i use for hills. Corvus has a 30/25 that is not quite geared low enough for me on the Coldspring hills but rolls nicely on the Houston flats. Both Al frames. 60 cm frames
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