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Originally Posted by dwightonabike
skydive, you seem to think lots of people are "effing idots". If you're in the middle of nowhere and a storm comes up, what should you do, hide under a tree? In our area of the country, thunderstorms are almost a daily occurance, and can come up quickly and without warning. So yeah, I ride in the rain lots. Snow is even better.
Well pal, after dealing with thunderstorms for the 25 years I was a professional pilot, I know a bit about them. They are killers. I can recall a trip I was flying with the last leg being Tampa to Orlando - Boeing 727. I was taxiing out for takeoff and Tampa tower cleared me to go. My radar indicated numerous heavy cells not only in the area, but on the perimeter of the field. I declined takeoff, and waited for a solid hour prior to taking off for a 20 minute flight. Meanwhile a few (YES, TOTALLY EFFING IDIOT COWBOYS), accepted takeoff. To me, passengers were like eggs, and my job was not to break any of them. I discovered early on, that if I took care of myself, their safety followed mine.

Back to the subject. If you get caught in a thunderstorm, and do anything but seek cover, and/or call for a ride home, you are a effing idiot! If you are in the "middle of nowhere," I guess you have a problem which probably could have been handled by being more attuned to the weather. Yes, here in Florida, we have afternoon thunderstorms virtually every day - that is why I ride in the morning, and even then, I carefully check the weather prior to leaving the house.

Oh, and yes, I have been around long enough that I do in fact think a lot of people are effing idiots!!

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