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My Duty to Ride
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skydive, a giant metal hull full of jet fuel in the middle of a flat empty field (or in the sky just above it) is a much different story than a person on a bike with minimal ground contact, surronded by hills, tall trees and buildings. Mountain climbers/hikers/cyclists on exposed peaks or unforested hilltops should be careful of lightning. People should vacate pools when there's lightning nearby. I don't think the very remote threat of lightning strike should keep me from biking home every afternoon all summer. Lightning can stike several miles away from a storm, from storms that cannot be heard or seen. And storms can pop up from nowhere in a matter of minutes. Some of us have the luxury of being able to ride only when they want to. Others take the (very small) risk and ride whenever we can. Taking a calculated risk does not make me an effing idoit, as spending half a year's salary on fragile racing bikes doesn not make you one.
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