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The fact that you didn't refund the $60 shipping fee already might be in favour of the buyer right now. Why didn't you do that when he picked up the bike?

Apart from that , you sold it as is, where is, which to me is as much implied as stated. shyonelung is right -- be proactive on this and contact eBay before he does. The fact that the guy picked up the bike means he had ample opportunity to inspect it and then negotiate there and then if he had an issue with the wheel. The thing is, now it is out of your sight, the broken spoke issue may have been made worse by manhandling of the bike into and out of the buyer's vehicle.

I picked up an MTB frame several years ago that looked OK, and I left it in a corner for a month or two while I collected the parts together to build it up. When I finally did the build, I found the right chainstay had been badly gouged and the derailleur hanger bent. I straightened the hanger and built the bike and it's been OK, but it likely will become a SS (the hanger is part of the frame and not replaceable). But my bad for not checking the frame on pick-up.

You also do have a little recourse if the buyer eventually posts negative feedback -- you can respond to it, and often your response -- the content and the tone -- can tell other buyers whether the person in this case is gouging you or not.

From other threads on BFs, there seems to be a trend with buyers to try to screw over legitimate sellers after the deal.

But like I say. if you withholding the shipping cost for no good reason, you might be pushing **it uphill with eBay.
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