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Originally Posted by traction View Post
So I had a bike that has sat in my basement without being ridden for about 2 years. I sold it to a guy on ebay and stated that it needed some work here and there. Just some simple stuff, a tune up, new derailleur pulleys, brakes re-bled. He drove an hour to pick the bike up, no problems.

He emailed me yesterday and said that the item was not as described. As it turns out I forgot (2 years ago) that there was a broken spoke on the rear wheel. He also claims the rear wheel is bent.

The conversation went as follows:

After examining the bike I noticed the rear wheel is bent and a spoke on the rear wheel is broken and missing. This information was missing in your item description. While I accept the brake and cog issue noted in your description, you failed to note the problem with the rear wheel. I suggest that I take the wheel to a bike shop and have them replace the spoke and true the wheel at your expense. Please let me know ASAP. If I do not hear from you, I will contact e-bay and pursue my options there.

The wheel is not bent. It may need to be re-true'ed, such is maintenance on an 8 year old bike. The broken spoke I forgot about as I have not used the bike in a while as explicitly stated in the description. I'll refund $20 just because I forgot to mention the spoke. I'll stay in contact and work out the issue with you.

Hard to believe "You forgot" when you explicitly mention in the listing that you never had a problem with the wheel set. I would not have bid had you mentioned any damage to the wheel set. Be that as it may, the bike shop says it will cost $40 to repair the wheel. At this point I am due a refund on the shipping (the bike was picked up at the local address you stipulated) of $60 which you promised to credit to my PayPal acct. If you want to settle this matter deposit a total of $100 ($60 shipping, $40 wheel) to my PayPal acct now. That will bring to bike up to the description in the listing. Should you not wish to do this, negative feedback and I will open a case with ebay. Your choice. Ebay notified me that this auction is covered under ebay's buyer protection plan. Please don't send me another email. Just make the deposit or not. I will act accordingly.

I don't appreciate the accusation. I noticed the spoke about 2 years ago, my mistake; however, $20 is more than reasonable to have one spoke replaced.
I will not refund the price to re-true the wheelset. If you wish to have the wheels perfectly true then it is your responsibility as it does not affect the ride. I said that they have not given me a problem and they have not.

I held off on sending the shipping refund last night until we resolved this issue and I could send it in one amount.

Am i in the right? I mean there's no reason I have to re-true the wheel because one spoke was broken? Appreciate any input, but I thought $20 was fair to replace a single spoke?
Ebay rules says a buyer can't threaten to leave negative feedback. You got ammo against him. But that's the only thing that I don't agree with on his position. He is right that the auction description did not match the item. If he produced some kind of note from his LBS quoting the $40. Maybe you can just call the shop and ask to speak to a manager just to make sure he isn't trying to squeeze more money from you.

That said, I'd say you should pay $40 and reimburse him the $60 and be done with it. You goofed by forgetting about the broken spoke so you have to make things right. Replacing a spoke can be a very simple procedure but sometimes good shops like to be thorough especially since their reputation is on line. Chances are the spoke broke because the wheel was not evenly tensioned to begin with. Re-tensioning, truing laterally/radially and making sure the dish is correct takes time so $40 sound more than reasonable for a job done right. I agree with the other poster, I'd be pissed too if the auction description says that the owner never had any problems with the wheelset and then it turned out to have a broken spoke. Do the right thing brah...Partial Refund this Dood.

If he paid through Paypal and his address is confirmed, he is at an even more powerful position than you. It is clear that the item was not as presented so he is entitled to a full refund though Paypal's buyer protection program. Again. Just paid the Dood $100 and be done with it. If don't want a negative feedback, Be apologetic and maybe he'll only leave a Neutral feedback or even a positive if you play your cards right...i.e. give him $120 and be very very sorry that you goofed.

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