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Originally Posted by traction View Post
Full refund? I don't think so, this has cost me considerable time and some expense already. I'm not playing customer service, just the seller. I'll work with him to make it fair. In all honesty I just didn't want to screw anyone over or be taken advantage of.
What did you put for your return policy? That's the only other way out because you didn't provide the bike as described and the buyer isn't happy with what you are offering.

Sorry buddy, but whether you like it or not it's your responsibility as a seller to service your customers. You don't have to bend over backwards chanting "the customer is always right", but you do have to fulfill your obligation to whatever contract you made.

It doesn't matter if your offer is fair...maybe the buyer only shops what he perceives at rock bottom deals and he thought it was a steal with a good wheel, but not with a broken spoke? Maybe he thinks broken spokes are bad voodoo which bring disgrace to his family and he normally avoids them at all costs?

Doesn't ebay let you relist for free in the case of a return? Shouldn't cost you anything other than your time...but that's what happens when we goof even when no one else is involved.

Originally Posted by Fern53 View Post
Either of these options is fair. You definitely should refund the shipping. The broken spoke is contradictory to your ad and should be replaced.

On the other hand...he drove an hour to pick up the bike (and would have to do so again if he decides to return it); he may push for gas money as well. Under the circumstances, offer $80 if you still want to attempt a compromise-or $100 to "stop the insanity" and be done with it. If he returns the bike you'll be spending even more time on the sale.
I wouldn't give any gas money because there's nothing about that in the item description either. It works both ways.

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