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Just putting that ride on is an interesting challenge. Being an all-urban route, it needs a lot of traffic control at intersections. I remember one year, the cone & sign people didn't get their job done, and they delayed the start a half-hour while they got a bunch of extra policemen out. The year before that, i think they had some pretty serious wrecks from some of the cracks you mention.

The last several months, I've been riding off and on with Greater Dallas Bicyclists. On their winter routes, they sometimes go down to White Rock Lake and sometimes do any of various urban routes. But on the last urban route they did, I noticed there was one guy on a road bike, I was on my Sojourn, and everyone else was either on a mountain bike or a hybrid with wider tires than mine.

On Saturday, Tour Dallas was going on, a rando group was doing a 300k ride, and the regular bike shop ride was going on. It was an "off" week, so I went to see my folks down south. And it was a work day at church doing building repairs. So there were 5 different places I needed to be at the same time.
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