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Originally Posted by CyniQ
I'm buying a new set of shifters for this thing. Cuz I hate the grip shifters its got on it. What does it mean when it says 9spd, etc.? I've got 7 in the back and 3 in the front. So I have a 21spd drivetrain... Right? Do I look for a 7spd shifter and a 3spd shifter? Is it assumed that everyone needs the 3spd and that's why they call them 9spd's etc.? It's obvious that I'm confused so if you can sort this out for me I would appreciate it.
You'll need a 3 for the front and a 7 in the rear. Or ... you can to a whole refurb thing and turn it into a 27 speed! That's what I'm going to do with my 1993 GT Corrado. It's a 21 speed as is yours. GT was a great bike back in it's day. A real innovator.

I'm going to strip mine down to the frame, sand profusely, spray with primer and then put several coats of paint on it. Then I'm going to build it back up with Deore 9 speed that I'm taking off of my 2003 Raleigh M60 as I will be upgrading a few choice parts on it as well.

All I need to do is decide on a color and get started. Will probably go with a flat flat black as that will better hide any imperfections due to my extrordinary sanding expertise. Also it'll be easier to touch up any chips or scratches.

Who knows, if the paint job turns out well I may just paint the Raleigh frame while it's in pieces.
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