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Originally Posted by Profgumby View Post
I wonder how much trouble you could get in for posting a sign asking for the cyclist who was hit by (describe the car) with license plate # (post the plate number) please call (local police dept)
Don't know why you would but if you were worried about that, just call the police department and give the license number to them. A few years ago when I was living in Los Angeles, my car was parked outside a line of stores and some lady in an SUV backed into it and drove away. She busted up my bumper and broke a taillight. Totally uncool. She was gone by the time I got back to my car. But a receptionist at a business saw the whole thing and wrote down the woman's license plate number (she ran out and tried to stop the driver but the lady just ignored her). Since she didn't know how to reach me, she called the cops and gave them the info. The cops showed up at my door with the driver's license and insurance information.

Not for nothing, but committing a hit-and-run is a crime. In fact, the act of driving away after hitting someone or something is often the more serious aspect of said crime. I'm not a fink but I'd think nothing of reporting it to the cops. I don't even have to imagine how it feels to be the victim of some jerkoff who doesn't have the decency to fess up and make good on the damage he did. I'd like to think most people would do the right thing but in the event they don't, pursuing avenues of redress like reporting their license number to the police seems appropriate.
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