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Raleigh Colt non-Brooks saddle choices?

Hello, all--so I've picked up a pretty little Raleigh Colt for myself, and, being an utter newbie, am slowly going about the business of refurbishing. I've got it cleaned up and I've neutralized the rust that remained (very little--and almost none on the frame--mostly on the fenders and rack). I'm going to replace the tires with schwalbe delta cruisers in cream. I've also found a vintage Raleigh front brake that I'm going to clean up and put on, to help with the not-the-greatest coaster brake (it's not the horrible TWC, but the somewhat less horrible SC3, as this is a 1974.

The saddle is the vinyl Wrights saddle that came with it, with a crease down the middle and a tear on one corner, but I long for a Brooks. However, I don't have the $$ for a Brooks--and the other fixes are putting a strain already on my tiny budget. I'd like a B-66 someday (like those springs), but thought that until my budget improves, I'd buy a cheap vinyl vintage springer saddle on e-bay and recover it in leather. I'd prefer to keep the Wrights as-is in storage, just because it's the original saddle, and if someday I part with the Colt (although now, I can't forsee that), I'd have the original to put back on.

Any thoughts? How will the cheap-saddle-recover thing work, if others have done it? And is there a huge difference in the construction among those old spring saddles? Or is there a less expensive substitute to a Brooks that I might be able to save up for?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Oh, and here's a pic of my Colt, before it was cleaned up.
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