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Originally Posted by Amesja View Post
Tears and splits are easily fixed with vinyl cement if you clean the vinyl well with acetone first and use a bit of scrap vinyl on the inside as a bandage. It'll be as strong a new if you get the mating parts clean and let it all dry for 24 hours before sitting on it.
Wow! I've got a red vinyl chair I need to fix and I will absolutely be trying this. Learn something useful every day here!

Thank you Lisa! Naming bikes is half the fun! I like to ride mine for a bit and let them find their own name. Cricket was originally going to be named Clementine before I started riding her more.
The saddle's from the Bell Cruisin line. They made a slight variation at one point where they took off the silver bash trim (it's only painted plastic anyhow) It appears that Sears and K-Mart have them out of stock but I found a lot of listings on ebay! They also made a little matching round saddle bag perfect for stashing a phone, some tools, and any other small incidentals.
It's no Brooks, but it'll get the job done. And once you get that fancy sprung leather you'll have a back up winter and wet weather saddle that still looks good.
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