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I find that I tend to use boring name for bikes. Bikes just don't have the same personality to me that more complex mechanical self-propelled vehicles. Engines give a vehicle more personality.

Cars, motorcycles, boats get human names while bikes are often given plain names like Mombike, Rootbeerbike, Chrome-dome, Old Creaky, etc.

As for saddles, I'm also converting my Ross Mt. Hood to E3S or Dutch-type seating/bars arrangement and am looking for an upright saddle that is more all-weather than a Brooks and less likely to get stolen. I'm not against the cost of the Brooks as I really like it but wish they made a vegan alternative (I don't care about the veganality aspect other than leather is not as weather-proof) using something synthetic. One of the things I looked at was the Electra sprung saddle. But I fear it is too cushy and not as firm and comfy as the Brooks B66 I have on my Sports.

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