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Bike Noob

I didn't exactly have the sort of childhood where I learned things like cycling, swimming, or basketball. However, I'd like to learn it all. I think the best workout is one where you can have fun while doing it. Cycling to me is one of those workouts. Not to mention, it's a great way to commute. In fall, I'll be starting grad school in a country where more people have bikes than cars. I want to prep for that.

If you throw a cycle at my face, I could probably ride it to save my life, but I probably wouldn't be good at it. I'd fall several times, and run into people and cars.

Where do I start? I probably need a bike? Should I go for a cheaper one at first and then upgrade? or just get a nice hybrid for $600ish? I know getting good takes patience and time. I'm willing to do that. I just need a guideline to get started.

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