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Question about an old Bertin Bike


I have an old red Bertin road bike that I got from my great uncle. I don't know the exact buying date but the bike is around 35 years old. It's in pretty good condition and has most of the original parts (can't believe how robust those bikes are...) and the logo on front and the name bertin under the saddle.

That bike has great sentimental value for me and is working very fine (biking everyday to work with it) so I have no interest in selling it. Please do not consider this a advertisement thread (also my uncle would probably skin me alive if I sold it).

The thing is, yesterday my friend was guarding my bike for a while and said a couple of people went by and were very curious about it. Then I got curious myself : what is this bike actually worth? Is it a collectible item?

Once again, I have no interest in selling it. I'm just curious and hoping to get even more love for that bike if I hear it's a collector's object. I will rethink as well the number of locks I put on it if it's worth a lot.

I can post a picture of the bike if necessary to identify what model/year it is.

Thanks for your help
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