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Originally Posted by Chris_in_Miami View Post
These aren't quite slicks, but the CST Cyclops that I ordered came in earlier in the week and I had a chance to try them on my Rockhopper, but as I suspected, they won't clear the chain stays. At 2.4" wide, they rub slightly on both the stays and bridge. They clear the fork legs though so I got to try one out briefly, but it's impossible to guess what the bike will feel like with two of them mounted. The tire feels firm at 40 psi and they're rated to 65, and they're very ballon-like and tall - they gave me an inch increase in stand over height vs. the Kwests.

They are really heavy (like a Maxxis Hookworm,) and it took me a few minutes to adjust to the weight of the 24" version I mounted on my unicycle. At any rate, for around $10 at Niagara, they seem like a great deal if you have a bike with clearance to run them. That's my excuse to look around for another mountain bike .

Comparison (l to r) of Kenda Kwest 1.5", CST Cyclops Pro 2.4", and Geax Sedona 2.0":

those look awesome.. too bad they don't fit in the back
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