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Wow, awesome, thanks for checking back in on this thread and sharing your journal. I haven't finished reading it yet, but I will, I like your writing!

I have a comment/question/concern about your map 5. Did you do much research before deciding on Hwy 93?

I haven't been on all of it, but I did ride the 90-ish miles south of Missoula, and it was a pretty busy road. The Adventure Cycling L&C route (and I think some others) uses this: http://goo.gl/maps/pyri and it's really quite good. You get to go through Twin Bridges, which has a touring cyclist camp ground, Dillon which is a cute town, past the Big Hole Battlefield... it's hilly and interesting. There are just enough towns/services to get through, and very little traffic.

I don't want to sell it too strongly, but if you don't have a real reason you picked 93, I would consider re-routing.

I'm looking forward to following your trip!
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