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I am trying to decide between aluminum frame w/ suspension fork or cromo w/ rigid fork on an entry level hybrid, want to start some casual recreational riding after decades, on pavement or smooth paths, nothing very rough. I am more concerned with easy of pedaling than with speed, I just want a basic bike that's fun to ride around the block or in a park. I have been advised that on low end bikes, the cromo frame bikes are probably not much, if any, heavier than the alum ones, and to go with the cromo and rigid fork because it rides better and doesn't have the added weight of the cheap suspension fork. Those in the know, please comment.

Specifically, I'm trying to decide between a Giant Cypress (or maybe a Sedona) "ST" (steel cromo, rigid) and the Cypress or Sedona regular model (alum w suspension fork) in the women's models. I am leaning toward the steel cromo with the rigid fork, but am confused as to why most all models and brands in this price range ($330-440) are alum w suspension forks, if the steel and rigid forks are better? That just doesn't make sense to me. I have emailed a bike shop and they are pushing the alum one. ??? I know I need to try them, but that will be only a short ride probably in the parking lot and won't really tell a newbie much. Please advise! Thanks-
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