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15 days is pretty short!
i'd suggest the Carretera Austral, by far the most impressive route in Patagonia, extremely popular among cyclists, between Chaiten and Villa O Higgins
imagine crystal clear mountain lakes, huge plants, green forests, waterfalls everywhere, water so pure you can drink from any river, hardly any traffic (apart from Cohaique, the only major 'city' you cross), wildcamp ANYWHERE you want

takes about 3 weeks through rough terrain (no asphalt, apart from small sections around Cohaique), if you ride north so south you have a feeling of riding to the end of the world, as the road leads to a dead end in Villa O Higgins, from there you take a boat to El Chalten (Argentina) which only takes passengers and bikes; and it only does the crossing once a week (twice a week in high season around January) so don't miss it!

its by far one of the most pure places i've ever been, not the easiest road though
here are some pictures i took:
* Part 1: Futaleufu - Cohaique: http://wim.dirker.org/blog/?p=136
* Part 2: Cohqiaue - Villa O Higgins: http://wim.dirker.org/blog/?p=143
* Part 3: Villa O Higgins - El Chalten: http://wim.dirker.org/blog/?p=146

that whole part took me about 3 weeks, but you could do sections, Cohaique would be the easiest place to start from i guess, otherwise El Chalten is a very touristy place as well with good bus connections

the part from O Higgins to El Chalten should not be underestimated (but its huge fun), there are 2 boat crossings and in between there is no actual road for about 10km, just a small walking trail, you need at least half a day to push your bike up the very steep hill, carrying it across rivers etc.
but its been done many times before, im sure you can find loads of info about this road :-)

if you want to take it more relaxed, try the Vulcanic region around Pukon and Villarica, its very nice, but also quite touristy, more traffic, etc.
heres a picture: http://wim.dirker.org/blog/?p=108

the best time to do these regions is december, january, february
i did it mid november and had good weather (2 weeks of sun), but you should be aware that the weather can be really harsh in these regions (around lake General Carera there were sections i could hardly PUSH the bike because of the winds)

and on a completely other note, the areas around San Pedro de Attacama are also very nice, its a desert climate, think alti plano, huge distance views, no vegetation, red rocks, ..

let me know if you need some particular info about these suggestions
i could go on and on
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