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I just put Kelly Take Off's:

and new indexed 6 sp dt shifters on my bike because I was tired of the stupid stem shifters I had on there. (Well they're halfway on, I mounted them, but need the time to run new cable and adjust the derailleurs). I don't think that'd work for the op as I don't think take offs would work with thumbies, but maybe it would, or you could stick with friction and being able to reach the levers from the hoods/tops and maybe drops. Alternatively, a thumb shifter rotated sideways next to the hood might allow thumb shifting from the hoods (if nowhere else). Or rotate that puppy upside down and shift with your thumbs from the hoods or fingertips from the tops. I actually kind of like that idea. if you can turn it the right way so the shifting is extended into the space between the two hoods rather than parallel with the bar.
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