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Originally Posted by BlankCrows View Post
A vintage project frame that you have to mess with some to get it right is better than the new stuff that looks sharp at first glance and is a "meh" frame up close and personal.

Shopgirl, if you are still hunting, I've still got this and a couple other mixte beasts in the garage. The Mercier here has character and it needs a good home. No handy pics of the other two. Not sure what size it is and I've removed the plastic brake levers. I'm in Sacramento.
Hi BlankCrows,

I have the twin sister to that Mercier mixte, which I'm trying to get fixed up for my wife, and I'm in Fair Oaks just outside of Sac.

The previous owner had put the cranks on wrong so they weren't 180* but I got that fixed. Then I tried replacing the shifters with some NOS Silver Shifters, but I had to cobble together a bunch of washers and spacers to get them to stay on, and now I can't get one of them to stay in place. What did you use and how did you get it to work? I'm thinking of swapping them out for handlebar mounted shifters...
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