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50mph road legal no registration electric bicycle??

OK. I have a legal problem. I want to build an electric assist bicycle but I do not want to ask "permission" of the state and I do not want to "give up" ownership of my vehicle. (when you "title" a vehicle you really are essentially giving up full ownership of the vehicle to the state) Don't want to get into that too much as it gets a wee close to "political" but you get the idea and now understand partially why I want to do the following. Plus it would be fun.

so for fun intellectually politically and just for the heck of it here is what I want to do.

I want to make an aeroshell trike that is PURE pedal powered that I can "sustain" 45-50mph on smooth level ground. I am pretty confident my fat butt has the needed power to do this (I can sustain 35mph for some 60-90 seconds even longer and thats with bad gearing (feet whizzing like crazy) and bad aero I have hit 60mph downhill) geared right and with an aeroshell I think 50mph is doable sustained (say 4-5 miles at a shot)

the problem is there is no way I have the power to "ACCELERATE" from 0 to 50mph and then sustain 50mph nor handle any inclines.

SO I want to add an assist with an electric drivetrain to help me to accelerate at normal auto rates (ie not flip off the people behind me) and to give me a boost when I encounter an incline or just need a slight break etc..)

problem is the law says its a motor vehicle if the e-drive can take me over 20 or 25mph that means registration inspection insurance IE state permission and relinquishment of ownership to the state.. SO I am trying to find a way around this law. ie to work WITH the law and be legal.

here is my idea. I am wondering if this is viable legally (and physically :-)

I was planning to make a small trailer for my geo metro with a battery pack and an electric motor on it. the idea would be below 20-30mph (traffic parking lot etc..) I would power up the "pusher" trailer and once I get too fast for the e-drive I would start the car's engine and continue on gas power. IE a poor mans simply manual "hybrid" and a much smaller battery pack would be needed :-)

and then the idea hit me. what if I made this an ULTRA LIGHT trailer or something I could attach to my motorcycle (or my BICYCLE)

do it legal. register the trailer get tags for the trailer.

is that legal? can I attach this legal tagged registered trailer to a pedal bicycle and "be done with it" legally? ie would that satisfy the law since its the legally tagged trailer that is powered and its just "pushing" the bike?

it would not be permanently attached to the bicycle. it would come off as easily as any trailer would and I can and would also use this on my motorcycle to give it an eco boost etc..

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