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Not a viable option for the bicycle..
Adding the powered (tagged) push trailer actually changes the definition of your bicycle (in most states).
(e.g. It's no longer a 2 or three wheeled bicycle). The trailer on the bicycle would cause it to become a "motor vehicle combination".
At that point, you would have to have the "entire vehicle" registered as whatever your state defines a 4 wheeled homemade vehicle. Which probably would not happen because the bicycle itself nor the push trailer would have a VIN.
Which your first question would be... what is a "push trailer" considered in your state.. And if it can be "tagged" and given a VIN.
I don't believe a push trailer capable of sustaining a 50mph+ speed would be safe, nor allowed on public roadways.

ESPECIALLY, if the person (not you) wanted to use the push trailer and didn't have a drivers or moped license.
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