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Bikes: Day 6 Dream 21

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thank you for the feedback. Curious how you came to the conclusion? ie what makes the entire setup a "motor vehicle" if the trailer is not illegal on its own? (remember trying to work around the law legally here :-)

"what is a "push trailer" considered in your state" thats the kicker here. I can find NO definition or reference to a push trailer in the PA code. as a trailer I just register as home built and go through the inspection process.

the trailer would not sustain 50mph. it would be top heavy to do that (too much battery mass beyond "safe" limits of the brakes I would use) it would be for acceleration and "assistance" on inclines etc.. I would be mostly depending my legs for maintaining speed (if possible)

I project a total of under 5 miles range if I were to try and go all electric. ie I need to keep it light enough that the disc brakes on my "tow bike" can "over power" the motor on the trailer if things go south. too much mass in batteries means too much inertia too hard to stop. (I am not that crazy ie I don't want to DIE :-) hehe

I originally wanted to make a electric bike where pedaling AND driving it would do 50mph but if I stopped pedaling the E drive would only sustain 25mph (ie meeting the definitions of the law) but I lack the technical means to accomplish that feat.
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