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yes. when you title a vehicle (at least in PA and NJ I assume same elsewhere) you have RELINQUISH ownership (MSO COO) to the state they then generate a title THEY KEEP and you only get a certificate of title.

in legal parlance this is like "fee simple title" (which is what you have on your home) where the crown (state) owns the property and you are no more than legal tenant (owner) at the will of the state.

The difference is a technical one. If you own a "desk" (allodial title) in your home they can not just "make up" a reason lawfully to come take that desk from you without cause. (or a car in your garagen same thing it only has to be registered to be in public or in "use" on public roadways)

can they? YES just as a thief can, can they legally? NO.

with your car (or your home) its different. legally they own it and can literally "make up" any reason they wish to take it such as say hey you did not pay these questionably legal parking tickets. your car is gone and sold before you can even get an injunction to fight it if you can figure out how to or afford too.

its a "moral" issue. I want to see if I can do it for the sake of seeing if I can do it. Can I effectively (effectively to me is on roads at 45-50mph) TRAVEL as is my birth given and constitutional right without permission of the state either directly or by proxy at least as much as possible since yes I realize technically bypassing with a "registered" trailer is by proxy. Its one thing to "buy" something and "technically" give up ownership to the state (what choice do we have really individually? none)

but its another to BUILD SOMETHING from scratch and then be told you must "give up" ownership to the state.

just really irks me. I really don't want this to migrate to a political discussion. that can ONLY end one way and its not good.

telling me to go see a lawyer is no help. would probably cost more than building the stinking bike :-)

if this issue is unwelcome here I understand.
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