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Originally Posted by nerys
I want to make an aeroshell trike that is PURE pedal powered that I can "sustain" 45-50mph on smooth level ground. I am pretty confident my fat butt has the needed power to do this (I can sustain 35mph for some 60-90 seconds even longer and thats with bad gearing (feet whizzing like crazy) and bad aero I have hit 60mph downhill) geared right and with an aeroshell I think 50mph is doable sustained (say 4-5 miles at a shot)
Google up "Human Powered Vehicles" and velomobiles. You'll find that sustaining 50 mph is no mean feet in itself. It's going to take a very expensive, very light, machine piloted by people who are very fit from years of training.

Second, a cycle that can reach speeds of 50 mph by means of a motor is considered a moped or motorcycle nation wide. It's going to have to be tagged as such.

I think that was the production version of the vehicle you are dreaming about, btw.
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