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let me help you achieve most of your goals much simplier and cheaper...by giving you a example of what others I know have done...

they purchased a 150 c.c gas scooter....then they put 50 CC stickers on it...now they have a vehicle that can do 50-60 mph...and they didnt tag it because most states do not currently require you to get tags/registration for a gas scooter 50 c.c or less...I have known several people who did this...and they never got pulled over by a police officer..and even if they did , a police officer isnt gonna usually be able to tell the difference between a 150 cc or 50 cc gas scooter...ecsepcially if you put 50c.c. stickers on the back fender and on the motor casing. Now, if you want to be riding on the highways and freeways doing 60 + mph...then you better not consider this route...the people I knew who did this , got away with it because 95% of their driving was on non freeways.

also, when they purchased the 150 c.c scooter new, they did not get a title with it..they got a CERTIFICATE OF ORGIN....which as you know, is not the same as a title, and therefore the state cannot legally confiscate your scooter the same way they could with a titled car/ motorcycle.

you can purchase brand new 150 c.c scooter of ebay for $799 delivered...and they come with the certificate of orgin.
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