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Hmm maybe we are speaking differing languages but the VERY FIRST paragraph of the article you linked too

"In English law, a fee simple (or fee simple absolute) is an estate in land, a form of freehold ownership....."

AND the very first line of the common law section BOTH agree with me

"In English common law, the Crown has radical title or the allodium of all land in England, meaning that it is the ultimate "owner" of all land. However, the Crown can grant ownership in an abstract entity—called an estate in land—which is what is owned, rather than the land it represents. The fee simple estate is also called "estate in fee simple" or "fee-simple title" and sometimes simply freehold in England and Wales. "

England IS after all the source or root or most of our laws.

that article 100% agree's with me. you don't own it. you are GRANTED ownership "proviledges" and they can be lawfully revoked even if you do nothing wrong.

Your comparison with asset forfeiture is not valid.

that is under the GUISE of lawful confiscation ie right or wrong it is done under the guise that YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG. IE its THEFT. no one questions they have the "power" to do that via corruption just like a criminal can.

with homes and cars you do not ACTUALLY have to have done something wrong.

in PA even a 50cc scooter would need to be tagged and registered to be used on the roadways and since most "can not" they are effectively illegal in PA. with few exceptions.


I am tired of fighting on the internet. I am just tired of it. if this conversation is not welcome or is just going to result in arguing and bickering I will simply abandon it. You likely lack the means to change my mind on the political aspects so why try? I won't try to change your mind.

I know the law about motorized bicycles. THAT IS WHY I am trying to see if I can get around that law by motorizing a lawfully registered and tagged TRAILER instead.

so the Bike will have NO power. the TRAILER will have the power.

YEs I can purchase a 150cc scooter and I WILL as soon as I find one I can afford without cutting of a part of my body for payment :-)

but I still wish to ATTEMPT to make a 45-50mph vehicle LAWFULLY that requires no registration or titling of the actual vehicle itself EVEN IF I have a 150cc bike.

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