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the laws certainyl vary from state to state and country to country, when it comes to bicycle laws / motorized bicycle laws..

for examp0le "

some states will mainly use a vehicle registration code that any vehicle that is powered by a motor and can do more then 20 mph on flat land, is classified as a vehicle that needs to be tagged/ licensed/ insured...

other states dont go by the speed of the vehicle, and only go by the piston displacement. Luckily I am in such a location...so the reality is, that since my bicycle is electric, I cannot recieve a ticket for it, if I dont have a tag for it, or registration or insurance. ..because it doesnt have a piston that drives the motor.

Any of us can go online to our states vehicle registration website and find the info concerning motorized bicycles...the codes listed at the website are the ones the police must use when it come to being able to ticket a person on a motorized bicycle.
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