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First of all, doing those kind of speeds on a busy street where you are likely to run into a cop, isn't advised on a bicycle. People who see you will not expect you to be going that fast. Cars will pull out in front of you.

My bike for example isn't exactly legal, but on busy streets I keep it to 20-25 mph. If a cop radars me doing 25, he isn't likely to nitpick, and the extra 5 mph can be explained by my pedaling (false pedaling lol). Now on back roads and neighborhood streets where there is little traffic, then I open her up and cruse at full speed. But I do so knowing that if a cop busts me, then I will have to pay the consequences.

Basically as vague as the laws concerning ebikes are, the speeds you are wanting to do, makes it pretty cut and dry. Yes you can build an ebike to do over 50 mph (a pusher wouldn't be the best method) but there really isn't any way you could call it legal. Just by having the pusher attached to your bike, makes it a part of the bike, therefore it would be illegal. The best you could hope for is an uniformed cop.

And as had been said, if you want solid legal advice , seek out an attorney. Consultations are usually under a hundred bucks.
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